Singapore To KSL

City Connector Transportation is where you can hire cheap, comfortable private taxi services to get to KSL City Mall from Singapore worry-free!
You have the option to choose between a one-way or return trip from KSL to Singapore or Singapore to KSL.
Make your booking online to engage with private car services by City Connector Transportation from Singapore to KSL City.

Why You Should Engage With City Connector Transportation For Private Car Services From Singapore To KSL City
  • You will be picked up directly at your doorstep or preferred pick-up point in Singapore without having to wait for anyone else while heading to KSL
  • Flexibility to choose your desired pickup date and time
  • Can book online with ease
  • All you need to do is chill in the car throughout the journey from Singapore to KSL in a comfortable private car
  • Cheap, affordable private car services rates
  • At Singapore and Malaysia borders, you’re not required to get down from the car for passport stamp purposes
  • At the immigration and checkpoint buildings, you don’t have to take down your belongings or luggage
  • The transfer service will take you directly from Singapore to KSL
  • Experience a stress-free and comfortable journey
  • Those travelling with elderly, young kids or large groups who prefer a comfortable trip

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