Singapore To Muar

You can consider engaging with private car services offered by City Connector Transportation to travel from Singapore to Muar.
You can choose between a one-way trip or a return trip.
Enjoy a stress-free experience as many customers have given positive feedback throughout the years!

Benefits of City Connector Transportation Private Car Service:

  • Choose your preferred time, location and date in Singapore based on your own flexibility
  • Skip getting down the vehicle at Singapore Checkpoints or Johor Customs
  • Inexpensive rates
  • Travel in your own time to Muar or Singapore without caring about other strangers
  • Can make your booking online or through WhatsApp
  • Don’t have to go through the hassle of taking your luggage along when getting off and on the bus
  • Excellent customer service
  • Travel in comfort especially if you’re going in groups, elderly or with young children.
Rates For One Way Trip To Muar
Destination From 1-5 pax + Luggage 5-13 pax + Luggage
Singapore $160 - $180 $210

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